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What's Your Shoe Schedule?

Posted on October 17 2017

Choosing footwear for different times of the day

It’s understandably tempting to look for a one-style-fits-all pair of shoes. However, choosing the right shoe for the right occasion can be an immensely rewarding experience. 

So, how does the modern gentleman choose his footwear? Find out by walking in his shoes for a day.

 7:00 AM

It is a bright and sunny morning. Waking up, he slips into his sandals. He usually favors black in his dressing but makes an exception with these tan colored leather sandals.  

They are comfortable yet sturdy, perfect for an hour spent reading the newspaper with a cup of tea.

 8:00 AM 

Putting on his boat shoes, he steps out of the house. Pottering about the garden for a while, he then heads to the park.  

The cushioned sole adds a spring to his step as he spends the better part of the morning in the company of nature. It is invigorating. 

 11:00 AM

Preparing for a brunch meeting with his new client, he dresses in formal wear and pairs it with sleek, black leather monk shoes. He exudes confidence and professionalism.  

The meeting is successful.

 4:30 PM

 He is driving out of the city with no destination in mind. The wind is in his hair and the sounds of the ocean grow louder.  

Wearing an open shirt, shorts and dark blue drivers, he unwinds as he drives down the meandering roads. He considers stopping by the beach to watch the sunset.


9:00 PM 

He decides to end the day with a nice dinner with his companion. They head to the new Italian restaurant that everyone is talking about.  

He is wearing a dinner jacket and black oxfords. After dinner, they dance. 


Tomorrow is a new day........


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