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Tactile Fabrics: Clothes That Feel Good

Posted on November 27 2017

The appeal of leather shoes is not just in how it looks but also in how it feels. It's the tactile quality that differentiates between the many different types of leather like full grain, bonded, suede, etc.

What about clothing then? With tactile fabrics trending this year, let's take a closer look.


Wool is a fabric that balances softness and coarseness. Since wool is rarely worn directly on the body, it can have a rougher feel. However, when it is worn next to the skin, it is more smooth to the touch.

Knitted sweaters owe most of their charm to how they feel.


Linen is a smooth fabric but through the magic of embroidery it gets a tactile layer. It adds texture and dimension, completely transforming the feel of the fabric.

Experiment with embroidered linen shirts to enhance your wardrobe.


Different styles like bomber jackets, motorcycle jackets, etc. feel different based on the leather they're designed from.

Matte, suede and other types of leather could be considered to have a personality of their own. Pick your favourite and make it your own.


Denim has a timeless appeal because of its unique texture. It is also very versatile, with denim shirts, jackets and jeans.


Typically made of wool, plaid is a fabric that has a soft, brushed feel. Plaid shirts are popular during the colder season.

The iconic red and black pattern continues to be popular as ever.


Also made of wool, tweed is a rougher fabric. It is mostly used for outerwear like tweed jackets.

Tweed has a period charm making it a fabric that can be worn only on certain occasions.


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